Prospective Students

We welcome opportunities to discuss possibilities for new projects and collaborations

We are recruiting motivated and skilled graduate students (M.S. or PhD) interested in our research areas. In some cases we may have existing funding; in other cases, we may work with students to generate funding. In addition, the School of Life Sciences offers limited Graduate Assistantships that involve gaining teaching experience during graduate study.

To be a good fit for our lab, it is usually important for students to be interested in laboratory and field work that involves plants and soils and is relevant to conservation ecology and restoration. It is always important that students have good writing ability or are willing to improve their writing skills. Journals that we publish in include Global Change Biology, Restoration Ecology, Forest Ecology and Management, Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, Invasive Plant Science and Management, Natural Areas Journal, Ecological Applications, and others.

Please review our Home page and our current and past projects for an overview of what we do and to evaluate whether your interests align with our lab’s focus. We are currently interested in recruiting graduate students for:

  • plant-pollinator research
  • invasion biology and native plant restoration research in several western national parks
  • restoring forage plant species for federally listed desert tortoises
  • remeasuring long-term restoration plants in a variety of ecosystems
  • tree survival and forest health assessment in western frequent-fire forests
  • soil seed bank ecology and experimental manipulations on a desert wildfire chronosequence
  • and many others!

Undergraduate Opportunities

We are also interested in selectively recruiting undergraduate students who are interested in ecology and willing to experience the “real work” of science. We work with students who are volunteer research assistants to bolster resume experience or receive research credits.

Please contact Dr. Scott Abella with a statement of interest and attach a resume with relevant experience (classwork and professional).